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Soulful Revolution Tarot Course:


Learn to connect with your Intuition and guides through the Tarot. 

Since 1997, Mary Jo has read Tarot for spiritual guidance and clarity. Reading for herself and others, she's developed a strong channel to her guides and will bring that depth of understanding to this course. 


The course itself will take you through the cards - individually and how they connect to each other to reveal their messages. We'll further tackle some of the most asked about questions when people begin to open to channel through Tarot:

  • Timing: when will something happen? 

  • The Court Cards -- there's a lotta people here....who's who?

  • The Astrology of Tarot

  • The Numerology of Tarot

  • Simple Tarot spreads for Daily Guidance

  • Tarot Spreads for relationships, abundance and decision making

  • How to use Tarot for Spiritual Development

  • Special attention to Twin Flame & Karmic Soulmate (spreads and cards)

  • Storytelling -- how to see the big picture, how cards connect to each other

  • How to phrase questions effectively

  • Cards that mean: pregnancy, soulmates, divorce, new love, abundance

  • How to read for yourself without getting confused

  • Reversals - what can they to answer questions when reversals show up

  • How to read for others effectively

  • Tarot card combos

  • Energy & the Tarot

This course is self-paced learning and will include detailed, easy to follow videos, downloadable reference documents, comprehension checks and once each month, we'll have LIVE Q&A calls to answer all your Tarot-related learning questions.

All services & products provided by Soulful Revolution are for spiritual growth, guidance & entertainment and are not intended to replace medical, legal & psychological treatments.  *no refunds*

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