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Hi everyone – I’m THRILLED you’re interested in learning more about Tarot!


In these classes, we’re going to learn the system of tarot like a master so you can start reading for yourself and others and most importantly, expand your own spiritual connection to your Higher Self (which is essentially, YOU). These courses are designed to help you develop self-awareness and self-mastery and start to see patterns emerging so you can make conscious choices about the direction of your life path.


As we embark on these classes, I will be sharing my philosophies and approaches but I fully expect that you will take what’s resonating with you and begin to develop your own philosophies and approach to this practice.


Tarot is art…it’s self-reflection….it’s the a-ha! moment. It’s your Higher Self offering you insight. You’re now choosing to open that up and start using it in your own life. Good for you.


So – here’s the nuts and bolts of what we’ll be doing. Below is the listing of the current 2019 class being offered. 

2019 Tarot Courses

Current Course

Soulful Revolution Tarot Course: Wisdom of the Tarot 

If you've ever felt like you just can't get clear on a decision, a relationship or why you keep making the same choices over and over again (while hoping for a different result), Tarot is a powerful way to open your spiritual channel & get the peace of mind and clarity you are seeking. 


I have been reading Tarot for spiritual guidance and clarity since 1997.  By reading myself and for others, I’ve developed a strong channel to my guides and have brought that depth of understanding to this course. 


The course itself will take you through the cards - individually and how they connect to each other to reveal their messages. We'll further tackle some of the most asked about questions when people begin to open to channel through Tarot


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Don't Forget Your Cards

Please purchase a deck of your own – I recommend the basic Rider Waite deck start with this classic deck….it will be much easier and you can always get fancier as we go.



All services & products provided by Soulful Revolution are for spiritual growth, guidance & entertainment and are not intended to replace medical, legal & psychological treatments.  *no refunds*

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