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The Suit of Cups (also called Goblets or Chalices – and the suit of Hearts in a traditional deck) is about the Water element. Love, flow, feelings, emotions all relate to the Cups in the Tarot deck. Cups cards in readings can relate to situations, people, relationships or events where feelings, emotions can be emphasized. Following your heart – or not – or having feelings about what is going on – or not – can be the nature of what is to be learned or experienced. When seeking guidance, your heart is the judge and jury.


Ace of Cups

New love, new beginnings


2 of Cups

Partnership, new love, starting to be a *couple*, Emotional balance, relationship that's balanced

3 of Cups

Celebration, happiness, friendship, third parties and holidays


4 of Cups

Stubborn, resistant to open conversation, focused on a past siutation


5 of Cups

Saddness, rergrets, lost opportunities


6 of Cups

Nostalgia, old friends or old girl/boyfriends showing up suddenly

7 of Cups

Confusion, lots of choices, unclear path ahead


8 of Cups

New path, leaving someone or something behind, spiritual path


9 of Cups

Wish granted, you get what you wish for, indulgence and oppulence


10 of Cups

The ultimate blessing, happiness and joy abound. Twin Flame Union (w the Empress and Emperor, especially)