Planetary Ruler

Venus in Aquarius

Planetary Sign


Dates Associated

January 20 to January 29

Astrology House


This isn't a good card, I'll be honest. Something here is not right....if you're getting a tingling sensation that someone isn't telling you the whole truth, and you see this card? You're definitely correct. They're even talking behind your back....to make matters worse. Well, now you know. In the reverse, you still don't see it....and won't believe it, no matter how many awful Tarot cards show up. Willful blindness is not productive. In terms of healing, accept that someone did you wrong....and get on with your life. Don't stew about it...they're likely irredeemable. 

KEYWORDS: Unfair fight, someone is taking advantage of you

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with 7 of swords or Magician = Pair, sneaky underhanded, secretive (w 4 of Pentacles -- holding back)





Yes / No / Maybe


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