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April 20 go May 20

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The Heirophant is all about tradition. The priest (sometimes called a Pope) and his obeying supplicants may bring to mind an authority -- someone who is the "keeper of the rule." He can stand for tradition or conventions, a teacher, a counselor, or someone who may share spiritual advice with the querent.


REVERSED: Breaking with tradition, doing something against your principles, going against the "norms".


REVERSED: Going against tradition, fighting "city hall", going against what you think is right.


INNER CHILD HEALING: This is time to make a commitment to what is right for you -- and how do you know what that is? By following your feelings. You're in charge.


BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Seeing everyone else's opinion as more important than yours. Giving away your power. 

KEYWORDS: Traditions, doing what is *right*, Mentor, teacher, rituals, religion, hierarchy, knowledge, student

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with 10 of Pentacles (commitment), 4 of Wands, or Justice (Ace of Pentacles - engagement) = Marriage cards

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