Planetary Ruler

20 degrees Libra to 20 degrees Scorpio


(Air, Fire, Earth, Water)

Air of Water

Dates Associated

October 13 to November 14

Yes / No / Maybe



This Knight is the very definition of the romantic. He's kind and gentle...even chivalrous. When you see this Knight in your reading, know there is a bouquet of roses headed your way or a beau may soon enter your life with a kiss on the hand. Reversed: There is a love interest who's having trouble reaching out to you -- they may be a bit intimidated. They're not really taking any action right now. In terms of healing, your messages of love may need someone else's writing ability. Tongue-tied is the understatement of the year. The block has to do with self-worth. You're in need of some self-confidence.

KEYWORDS: Romance and offers of love, moving slowly in romance

PLANET/SIGN: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio