Planetary Ruler

20 degrees Cancer to 20 degrees Leo


(Air, Fire, Earth, Water)

Air of Fire

Dates Associated

July 12 to August 13

Yes / No / Maybe



This Knight is always on the move. They *are* the party....and it's usually a traveling one! When you're with this Knight, be prepared for anything. Dress for dinner, and you might wind up at a beach party....think you're going to the symphony? Try a rodeo. Unpredictability is this Knight's middle name. In the reverse, this Knight is impulsive...and never settles down. They usually have multiple partners and no one knows who the others are. A whirlwind of adventure that may wind up in the emergency room if he's not careful! In terms of healing, get out there are make something happen! That movement will boost your spirits, your self-confidence and maybe even your bank account.

KEYWORDS: Positive energy, unpredictable, inspired movement, creative inspiration

PLANET/SIGN: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius