Wisdom of the Tarot 

Welcome to your new Tarot practice!

Yes, you read that right....it's a
practice....and YOU, by choosing to walk this road with me, are already
making the choice to: open to your intuition, connect with your guides,
channel information and be part of a spiritual community that connects us
through time (many centuries of Tarot practitioners) and space (in more than
30 countries around the globe).

The structure of these courses allows your practice to grow on your own
pace, in your own divine time. Each course is separate and offers the
student a unique opportunity to access new knowledge and information and -
you guessed it - to practice. At the same time, each course is connected and
builds on the information presented in the others. Choose to start with
storytelling - or the cards themselves - or even spreads and how to ask
effective questions. It's totally up to you.

Section 1:  The Cards - $115
Lay a strong foundation in Tarot card meanings &
interpretation through use of a structured layout. Having a strong
foundation allows you, later on, to more freely allow your intuition to
channel as you read. Also, you can ask as many questions as you want so you
get started out on the right track....a strong foundation leads to becoming
a more tuned-in reader.

Section 2: Preparation and Practice - $155
Build on your knowledge base and challenge yourself to grow as
a tarot reader and intuitive by diving deeper in to the craft. As you
practice, more and more questions present themselves...that's how you know
you're growing. I'll be there to answer them...every step along the way. The
advanced spreads give you a chance to see your strengths and weaknesses and
address them in the live sessions.


Section 3: Reading the Story - $155
Now....transition to storytelling - the most powerful tool in
your tarot journey. This is all about connecting your intuitive sense with
the cards as a team.....you're speaking the language your client most needs
to hear, whatever that may be. Learn how to flow with the reading and
interpret on the fly....even new interpretations of cards can come out at
this stage. Opening to channel....going with the story and being a powerful
guide for those who come to you for advice and counsel.

Please allow 24-48 hours from the time of purchase to receive log on details.