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The Suit of Pentacles in Tarot (also known as Coins or Disks – the suit of Diamonds in a traditional deck) is all about what you value and what has value to you. Your time, your money, your resources. A pentacle is also about making something tangible and real to you and how you might invest yourself. Your resourcefulness, your consistency and your ability to stay the course are also highlighted in the Suit of Pentacles.


Ace of Pentacles

Positive rewards, start of a new life, status, material gain, also physical health and well-being


2 of Pentacles

Balance, adaptability, equilibrium, steady state, standing pat, juggling two things/people

3 of Pentacles

Mastery, achievement and working with a group or collaborating


4 of Pentacles

Posessive, withholding, holding on to something too tightly


5 of Pentacles

Loss, impasse, financial problems and troubles, debts, or an illness makes your world shaky


6 of Pentacles

Balance, give and take, generosity and helping others, being helped.

7 of Pentacles

Taking stock, investing your time, spending a lot of time on something, waiting


8 of Pentacles

Work, diligence, effort putting in the work, apprentice, learning a new skill


9 of Pentacles

Confidence, comfort, material security, stability


10 of Pentacles

Financial prosperity, wealth, family money or family systems