Your Dream Journey – 2/8/22


How to Understand the Language of Your Dreams

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Have you ever wondered, “What could THAT dream mean?” Are our night-time adventures just nonsense or could they carry deeper truths? This course will teach you how to work with your own dreams and dream symbols to gain the wisdom and guidance they hold. We’ll look at dreams from both a mystical and a psychological perspective, talk about their role in our lives, and explore the image association process of dream interpretation.

In this class, I bring in a Dream Work Expert (Sheri D. Kling, Ph.D) to help me talk through all the ways dreams are bringing wisdom into your life – and how you can begin to harness this wisdom for yourself.

Class Details:

Date: February 8th

Time: 6:00 pm Eastern Time


**This workshop will be recorded and the replay available for viewing by logging into your account.**