The Raising Consciousness card is unique to the Soul's on Fire Tarot Deck and can be an indicator that the lesson that's currently in  front of you has a "higher octave" of energy of frequency attached to it. This higher octave of energy/frequency means a couple of things: first, you can be dealing with a 3D and a 5D issue simultaneously (look at the bigger, spiritual picture here to figure out what's required of you); or second, this can be the granting of a higher frequency based on how you're approaching the situation at hand. Either way, if you're looking at something with your mind and not your heart or soul, you're not seeing the whole picture. Expand your grasp of the situation and feel into it for more clarity. In terms of healing, this card can bestow some of the highest frequency, the highest vibrational helpers as you walk this path. Be sure to tell them exactly what you need!


REVERSED: Seeing everything through a 3D lens, lower vibration is applied to all logic and ego is ruling the day.

KEYWORDS: Graduating, making progress, elevating your frequency, new lesson has a higher calling attached

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