Building a Spiritual Business

Do you have a spiritual gift, something that you know you're here to share with others? Maybe, at the moment,  it's only a hobby.  But you already know in your soul it's a mission, the thing you were meant to do. The only reason you may not be currently be doing it is because you feel stuck in a lower vibration, perhaps pushing away your own abundance and joy.

Perhaps you just don't quite know how to get it all working. 

​Well, we can get you started in the right direction.  We'll show YOU how to build your own business and brand, and boost your ability to help others. 

Let's get you on the path to enlightening others while you also work to lighten your own load so that you may share your gift with the rest of the world, for the rest of your life.

We'll show you how to attract clients and charge appropriately for your time and services. 

​"Building Your Spiritual Business," is a six-week LIVE course in which I will share my knowledge with you.  I'll discuss how to build a spiritual business, marketing recommendations including media, how to utilize free publicity, and social media strategies that will boost traffic to your YouTube channel and website.

​Two additional sessions have been added to the Spiritual Business Course: "Video Content Creation", and "Writing to Attract Audience and Clients." I will personally teach the Video session. Author and experienced business writer, Jack Gilden, will teach the Writing Session.

 The Video Creation & Production Live Session will give you a roadmap for creating your own content. Plus it will give you information about creating a "set" for your shoots, software to utilize for both recording and editing, and an instructional on how to create a compelling camera presence.

 The Written Content Live Session will show you how to write to attract new clients and subscribers to your social media channels.  It will also address writing your own ads, blog creation, marketing copy and content of all kinds. Jack Gilden will also discuss writing your own self-published book as a credibility-builder and as a tool that explains your background and philosophies. You'll also learn about compelling ways to write for social media to continually build your audience.

 In addition to the LIVE content we'll also include pre-recorded video content for several sessions. For example, recorded video content will give you step by step instruction on: creating and editing your own videos, how to be relaxed on camera, how to structure your videos and more.

​The dates: Monday's at 7pm eastern from February 3rd - March 9th.


I will provide you with a workbook and teach each topic for 45 minutes. I'll also take questions from you, the students.


All services & products provided by Soulful Revolution are for spiritual growth, guidance & entertainment and are not intended to replace medical, legal & psychological treatments.  *no refunds*

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