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The Suit of Swords (also known as Spades or Blades – the suit of Spades in a traditional deck) highlights your mind, your ideas, your intellect and your reasoning ability. It’s about your mental abilities, your thinking and thought process, your beliefs and what you see as “the truth”. Also associated with the Swords is sorrow. Sorrow comes from clinging to ideas in the hopes that something is not true. Misfortune can also be associated with the Swords.

Ace of Swords

Truth, Honesty, Clarity, Authenticity

2 of Swords

Blocking, keeping to yourself, not interested in anyone's advice or opinion

3 of Swords

Heartache, pain, misery

4 of Swords

Healing, rest, taking a break


5 of Swords

Unfair fight, someone is taking advantage of you


6 of Swords

Moving on, endings, escaping from a bad situation with someone's help

7 of Swords

Liar, thief, stealing and hiding from others, cheating


8 of Swords

Victim-mentality, Wilfull blindness, stuck in a mindset, helpless or hopeless feeling


9 of Swords

Monkey-mind, restless and self-persecuting, catastrophic thinking


10 of Swords

Disaster, endings, no coming back from this