Tarot Master Class

This summer, we're planning a little treat for all of our Tarot lovers!

We're going to be offering *LIVE* Tarot Master Class Learning Subscription on Patreon starting in June and running until the end of August.


  • These sessions will be *LIVE* so you can participate, ask questions and quickly expand your Tarot expertise.

  • Two *LIVE* Sessions each month will come with a Master Class Lesson in

    • storytelling

    • intuitive reading

    • the Philosophy of the Tarot

All to help you to make the jump from knowing the cards to reading the energies; learning to trust your intuition and prove to yourself that you and the Tarot are working together.

We're not going over card meanings (that's what the recorded class can assist with), but we will be discussing some of the stickier issues that can tend to vex many Tarot lovers as well as expand the content of the course by drilling down on the Intuition issue and how to get to the next level in your Tarot reading expertise.

  • You will also receive access to portions of the extensive recorded Wisdom of the Tarot Class. This recorded class covers the basics of tarot (mentioned above) and lays the groundwork for the deeper discussion in the live class.

All services & products provided by Soulful Revolution are for spiritual growth, guidance & entertainment and are not intended to replace medical, legal & psychological treatments.  *no refunds*

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