Planetary Ruler

Mercury in Cancer

Planetary Sign


Dates Associated

July 2 to July 11

Astrology House



The Three of Cups heralds a celebration. (I regularly see this card as a timing card meaning: *On the next holiday*). Fun, good times and joy abound. There are many times this card can mean there are a lot of people in the mix or there are several people that have roles in a situation (leading to interpret this card sometimes as a *third party*). To clarify, check the context of the reading and the question you asked -- and ask a clarifying question: are there other people in the mix in this situation? a Court Card is a YES as is an Ace. In reverse, this is definitely a third party situation -- tread carefully. In terms of healing, are you triangulating in a relationship? Are there more perspectives in a situation that you're not seeing clearly? Meditate on the situation for more answers.

KEYWORDS: Celebration, happiness, friendship, third parties and holidays

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with 5 of Cups or 3 of Swords = End of an affair





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