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The Suit of Wands in Tarot (also known as Rods or Batons – Clubs in a regular set of playing cards) embodies the energies of fire, inspiration, creativity and passion. Wands also can mean the spiritual side of a person or event. A wand (or several wands) showing up in your reading can represent your passion, your unique fire or a desire and drive toward a certain experience. Fire is your ego and your persona, it’s your self-concept. When seeking guidance and a wand appears, your ego or passion is likely part of the equation.


Ace of Wands

New beginning, burst of creativity, inspiration


2 of Wands

Manifesting, asking the Universe, Prayer, decision point, coming to a decision

3 of Wands

Manifesting, expectations


4 of Wands

Celebration, new home, new relationship, moving in together


5 of Wands

Struggle, other people are involved, rivalry or *group think*


6 of Wands

Victory, leadership, collaboration from a leadership role

7 of Wands

Meeting the challenge, standing up for one's self, succeding against the opposition


8 of Wands

Communication, swift progress, in the flow, travel


9 of Wands



10 of Wands


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