Strength of character and the inner fortitude to overcome anything is the energy of this Leo. Spiritual power is also indicated. Feminine power is at it’s height when you get this card… meaning you can take on even the toughest foe and with disciplined cunning and power, make a friend instead of an enemy. Not the brute force of the Emperor or the control of the Chariot… the Strength card quietly overcomes any obstacle… even the Devil.

REVERSED: Weakness, lack of courage, resisting doing the courageous thing.

INNER CHILD HEALING: You’ve overcome a lot to get where you are… but you’re not done yet. You’ve still got a lot in the tank… keep doing what you’re doing.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: You’re looking at this situation and you’re like “no way… I’m out”… and not because you’re walking toward something better. This is a challenge you need to accept… and conquer.