The Shift is happening now and we’re here for it. Memberships are where you’ll find special readings for each zodiac sign, weekly LIVE Q&A about the Twin Flame and Spiritual Journey/Mission and more on how to navigate these higher frequencies and challenging life twists & turns.

Membership Options

The Healing Heart Group (Membership Program)


Tarot & Astrology bring us awareness & for the past five years, we’ve been on board with how important *awareness* is. But since early in 2022, we’ve become aware that many of you are interested in something *more*. 

Not just to be aware of what holds you back from true love or massive abundance, but to really DO something about it. 

Today, we unveil: The Healing Group. This weekly interactive experience brings in some of MJ’s *partner teachers & healers* to help us embrace the healing so needed in our lives.

During the course of this on-going workshop, we’ll show you (and invite you to experience) methods & practices that heal the body/mind/spirit interaction. We’re also not just focusing on the physical plane with our healing work – we’ll delve into healing on the Quantum, Psychic and Astral plane as well. There’s no telling where we’ll go!


  • Weekly LIVE Sessions
  • Held Wednesdays at 3:30pm Eastern

Astrology Chart Mastery Program


Our birth chart (also natal chart) in Astrology is a snapshot of the moment you were born. That chart holds the key to understanding your personality, struggles, triumphs & mission in this life. To understand it (to *speak* astrology) means you’ll be able to work with this information to empower all areas of your life.

This is an ongoing workshop which renews monthly on the date you originally signed up. The bi-weekly sessions are held on Thursdays at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

Membership includes:

  • This bi-weekly LIVE program combines
    • Understanding Your Birthchart course,
    • Working with your North Node course
  • with LIVE instruction & Q&A opportunities.

The Energy Spa: Raise your Vibration


Life sometimes can feel overwhelming!  Busy schedules, relationships, and increased stress can often leave us feeling:

  • burnt out 
  • overly tired 
  • disconnected 
  • frustrated 
  • ungrounded

Finding time to meditate or starting a Spiritual Practice can feel overwhelming. However, taking a few minutes to intentionally raise your vibration can help you feel like you have: 

  • peace 
  • love 
  • empowerment 
  • increased energy 
  • deeper connection to self and others 
  • enhanced clarity and intuition 
  • reduced stress and anxiety 
  • a greater ability to connect to your guides 
  • connection to your Spiritual Gifts 
  • better ability to manifest 

 The Raise Your Vibes group is designed to be a Spa for your energy! These weekly group Energy sessions are intended to carve out a little time to reset, relax and fall back into alignment with your heart and soul’s purpose.  Sessions will align with current energies/themes and offer Spirit Guidance that can help support and comfort you as you move through your week. 

Membership includes:

  • A weekly clearing, balancing and reset led by Jen (1x/Week)
  • Length: 20-30 Minutes

The Pathfinder Group


The Pathfinder membership includes the Morning Message Extendeds and access to the Wednesday Members only Live.

Membership includes:

  • A weekly live reading and Q&A with MJ (1x/Week)
  • Access to all Morning Message extended readings (approx 15 extended readings per month)

Extended All Access Tier


This tier is for those that would like access to the extendeds for every and all readings posted on the Soulful Revolution channel. If you find yourself purchasing 12+ readings per month this tier was made for you!

Membership includes:

  • Energy Readings (Air/Fire/ Earth/Water)
  • Zodiac Readings
  • For whoever Readings
  • Morning Messages
  • Twin Flame Readings
  • Astrological Readings (New & Full Moon, Retrograde)

The Monthly Zodiac Membership Tier


Just before the start of a new month or the middle of each month, you’ll have an *all access* pass to the individual zodiac readings. The topics that may show up can range from work or financial situations to love and Twin Flame. Each reading is completely its own message and though most of us gravitate to our Sun sign, these readings are meant also for Moon signs, Rising or Ascendants and Venus placements in your chart. If your Sun sign doesn’t resonate, check out your Moon, Rising or Venus sign (you get all 12, so, watch for each of your personal energy centers)!

Membership includes:

  • One reading of the individual zodiac signs at the beginning of the month
  • The second at Mid-Month will be delivered in different formats – Live, early access, Do/Don’t Do, etc…

The Twin Flame Tier


Part of your Spiritual Path may be your awareness of being a Twin Flame. This important journey is not only about balancing your own energy, but it’s about learning the lessons of relationships and creating a new template for love to flourish in the coming years. Twin Flames in separation, the Collective and Twin Flame missions are also discussed.  

Membership includes:

  • Access to all Twin Flame extended readings
  • Access to the Wednesday Live reading with MJ (1x/Week)

Morning Message Tier


In these Spiritual Path readings, I tap into the Collective as we shift from the 3D planet into a 5D consciousness. Relationships, money, and Spiritual Growth are usually highlighted, and I’ll pay important attention to any Twin Flame energy that shows up (though they are not considered Twin Flame readings) in these general readings for the Collective. I do between 16-20 Morning Messages every month. The heart of your journey on this planet shows up in these Tarot readings every single day.  

Membership includes:

  • Access to all Morning Message Readings
  • Posted 4-5 times per week typically at 7:00am EST
  • 15+ total per month

Wednesday Members Only/Pathfinder Live


Highly interactive and customized by your questions, we share a lively discussion about topics on the spiritual ascension path. You decide what happens during this LIVE — could be a reading, a Q&A session, a coaching call or all three (they typically are!)

Membership includes:

  • Every Wednesday
  • 1:00pm Eastern Time
  • 1+ hours
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