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The Pathfinder Group


Membership Includes:

  • The weekly live reading and Q&A with MJ (1x/Week)
  • Access to all Morning Message extended readings (approx 15 extended readings per month)




Beginning in February 2024 & continuing throughout the year, our Pathfinder’s weekly LIVE session will be getting an intuitive boost! We’re extending the Pathfinder LIVE session to include a lesson on tapping into & working with your Intuition.

The first hour will be readings and Q&A from Pathfinder members (as it has always been) & the final NEW 30-minutes will be a continuing MasterClass in the Intuitive System.

Join us for this 2024 project and start living life in a whole new, empowered way!

Getting to know what your Intuition is & how you receive information

  • How it differs from fear or other 3D types of guidance
  • The difference between psychic and intuitive
  • All the different ways you can access guidance
  • How to keep yourself balanced and centered (so you’re not blocking guidance)
  • What it means when you keep circling and circling in the same guidance loop
  • How to develop different channels of information
  • How tools are used – and how to choose the right tools for you
  • Guides and your guidance team – how they work with you
  • Timelines – and how to shift timelines based on your guidance
  • And much, much more.

This is a monthly membership which auto-renews each month.