Soul’s on Fire Tarot

Welcome to Soul’s on Fire Tarot Deck. I’ve created this Tarot Deck with the artist, Juliet Gilden, to help you navigate life on several levels: the first is to help develop your connection to Spirit and deepen your own intuition about the energies that are showing up in your life; second, to help you to see how much you’re growing and manifesting each and every day. The third is to help you see your experiences, your love, your abundance from a higher plane awareness. And, the fourth, and possibly most important of all: a healing mission.

This 79-card deck is created to intentionally connect to your Inner Child in ways you may not fully be aware of or open to as you begin to work with its energies….but I ask you, as you open to each of the card images and the stories that are shown to you as you work with them, there is a conversation going on simultaneously with that child inside you. Each card has a healing message and the vibrant colors, something that connects me to my childhood, are designed to help you connect and heal. What stories will you tell yourself about the life and the world you’re creating? It is my wish that they are joyful, loving and supportive.

As you work with this deck, and you see the images, the colors and the stories unfold before you, ask yourself: how do you feel? These are clues to the mysteries you hold deep inside. I hope this deck helps you to see yourself as the powerful, loving and abundant soul you’ve always been meant to be.

The Empress

Major Arcana

Court Cards

Minor Arcana

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