The Hanged Man

The image of the Hanged Man is one of martyrdom or victimization. The man, hanging upside down, was a typical punishment in the Middle Ages. In Tarot, the Hanged Man is one who is put in suspension by his deeds and he either must see things differently (upside down, literally) or from a different angle. This requires just to let go… there’s nothing to do but hang there and think about what you’ve done. Either the person in suspension can go into a victim mentality or they can release and let go of any progress for the moment. Sometimes this can just mean there are blocks to progress.

REVERSED: This is the only card that’s actually reversed in the upright so if you see the Hanged Man in reverse, that means things can proceed, there are no holdups. Relax… things will start moving soon.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Release and let go is the only thing to do. There’s no way out of this… just lay back and let the Universe drive.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Struggling and pushing… I gotta do something! (Frustrating, ain’t it?)