The Magician

Turning an idea into a reality? Creating the life of your dreams? You’re likely to see the Magician in your spread. You are very much in a self-directed mode — no one will be able to deter you once you have a plan in mind and are set to take action. The Magician knows what to do next and how to get what he wants – no matter the opposition. This is the card of taking the initiative and going for what you want.

REVERSED: This Magician can be seen as a scam-artist, a catfisher or a con artist in love. The goal is clear and The Magician reversed does what he needs to do to get what he wants – no matter the cost.

REVERSED: THE Magician likely tells lies as easily as breathing and has a few tricks up his sleeve. No matter what, you won’t see him coming — or going. Like the wind, this Magician trusts no one.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Embrace your natural ability to manifest the life you were born to live. Too much thinking will block your magnificent gift.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: If you feel you have to be sneaky to get what you want. you’ll always be on the outside. Try just being yourself and be honest about what you want for a change.