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Dec 22 to Jan 19

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One of the most feared cards in the Tarot Deck, the Devil is a self-created trap. This can be addictions of any kind also. It's a situation that you may feel is stuck and out of your control...but you created it...and you can walk away anytime you want. The price you pay may be astronomical....but it was yours to make. The Devil can also be passion or S&M -- relationships that are so *charged* with emotions, sex, power that it feels impossible to break free. Until...you do.


REVERSED: No way out. You really are stuck.


INNER CHILD HEALING: The good news is you can just walk away....easy, but not simple. There's an emotional attachment here that seems beyond your control -- but it's not. You can beat this.


BLOCKED INNER CHILD: The worse part of this is that you can't even see what the issue is...you're so twisted around and stuck that you'll need to take a break to breathe...walk away now...while you can. 

KEYWORDS: Addictions, holding on, karmic partners, materialism, bondage, lust, greed, worldly desire

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with 8 of wands = Victim Mentality (w/ 6 of wands/Strength - overcoming victim mindset, Lovers, 10 of cups, or 2 of Cups = Soulmate cards