Planetary Ruler

20 degrees Aquarius to 20 degrees Pisces


(Air, Fire, Earth, Water)

Fire of Water

Dates Associated

February 9 to March 12

Yes / No / Maybe


This King has a heart as big as Texas....but despite that, he's not very good at communicating that feeling. His eyes do all his talking. Generous and loves to give bear hugs....he's in touch with his feelings and will definitely care enough to help anyone through a rough patch. This King gives the most thoughtful presents and remembers your birthday in a very loving and wonderful way. When you see this King in a reading, know he can't keep his feelings to himself....and know that sharing feelings are going to be important to you or this person if it's someone else. In the reverse, this King thinks all that "hearts and flowers" stuff is foolishness....but deep down he wishes he could be better at it himself. In terms of healing, you may need to learn to communicate your feelings more productively...even be expressive of emotions that you are trying to hide.

KEYWORDS: Masculine but a softie, tears up at a movie or a loving gesture

PLANET/SIGN: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

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