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L’Oracle de la 9e Lune


Explore your plurality through the power of the Moon!




The Moon cradles your cycles and accompanies your inner journey… What if, beyond these eight phases, there is a ninth facet? What if this 9th Moon was you? You and your inner world. Appropriate the words, guidance, messages and images of the Moon thanks to the 40 oracle cards. Then, open the accompanying booklet and let yourself be carried away, the magic of the 9th moon accompanies you to explore all the plurality of your being.

Sensitive to energies and all subtle feelings from a very young age, Chloé Vibes transmits with heart what drives her. Today, she divides her daily life between her professions as a medium, magnetist and journalist. Her Instagram account @chloe_vibes_ is followed by nearly 4,000 people.

Illustrator and school teacher, Céline Polloc inspires everyone to reconnect with their creative potential.