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North Node Contracts: Discover the Roots of Your Life Purpose


This is a multi part course that includes both course work and active past life regression work. Included in this program are the following:

  • North Node Basics Course
  • Working With Your North Node – Advanced Class
  • Comprehensive Past Life Regression Series focused on the North Node

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What is my mission in this life? Why do I have the path I do? These are very common questions that only *get louder* when you awaken on your Spiritual Path. Your North Node is the shining light of your Destiny, your mission on this planet. It’s what you’re here to learn and do. So – how do I work with this information and where did it come from?

Take a past life trip through a guided regression with QHHT expert MaryLee Losardo – she’s created a process, a meditation and tools that are designed to get you answers about this critical part of your journey. You’ll discover:

– what the mission is about

– why it’s showing up in this lifetime

– how you may approach it

– advice from your guides that helps you embrace this important part of your journey