Operation Launch: Your Financial Support System


Well, we used to call it a *business* and we had several years where we were discussing how to build your own Spiritual Business. Now – it’s more than that. It’s a way of creatively expressing yourself through your work while building a sustainable financial system of support that keeps thriving, year after year. If everything you do is aligned, the sky is the limit!

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In our 2023 version of our Spiritual Business Course (Operation LAUNCH), we’re going to be updating this course to focus on:

  • Put your passion to work for you in the New Web 3.0 economy
  • How to build (and keep) the FLOW of your clients & customers
  • Truly connect with your audience and keep them excited about the value you’re sharing – and learn from them what will create more products & services
  • Learn about one of the most critical elements of building (and sustaining) your success
  • We’ll tackle pricing & how to know how much your customer will pay for your services
  • Employ your aligned Spiritual Business principles to *any type* of business & watch it grow…FAST!
  • How to choose your platforms & software & office systems to keep things humming along
  • We’ll deep dive into YouTube, TikTok & Instagram/Facebook and tell you everything we know (which, given the past few years, is A LOT) about growing your following
  • Creating your circle of entrepreneurial *friends* and help each other succeed
  • Learn to expand your craft through creation of Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Understand how AI can help you grow
  • The ins and outs of creating your list (truly it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD)
  • How to choose between video, vlogs, podcasts, retreats, newsletters….or EVEN BETTER how to get them all working for you
  • Create *captivating* videos that will keep you connected and developing a *loyal* customer base

In addition to our teaching we will also bring our team of professionals in video, marketing & legal to the table to answer your questions.

**This workshop will be recorded and the replay available for viewing by logging into your Teachable account.**

Live Sessions will be held biweekly on Thursdays at 6:00pm EST

Session #1          4/27      Welcome/ Lesson 1

Session #2          5/11

Session #3          5/18

Session #4          5/25

Session #5           6/8

Session #6           6/22

So if you are ready to LAUNCH, join now…space in the class is limited.