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Sage Spray Kit





When creating a space for meditation or any spiritual practice, the Sage Spray and Candle Duo is very helpful to have in hand. In addition to purging the area of bad energy, the smokeless sage spray also serves as a natural disinfectant. The soy wax candles are created from organic materials and contain scent oils to help set the mood for passive meditation.

Energy Mindfulness’ goal is to make an easier process of connecting people to their higher power. And we believe you embody the energy of supporting and educating our collective spirit community.

  • Scented candles set made out of organic soy wax.
  • Sage spray for smudging and negative energy.
  • This set can also be used for aromatherapy and stress relief.
  • The organic soy wax candle and the sage spray is best paired when doing guided meditation.
  • This can be used for home décor which makes it a perfect gift for any occassion.