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It’s a classic story, a love romance for the ages. You are swept up in a whirlwind romance. Is this real?? Pinching yourself….it seems like a fairytale. It’s going along great until (uh oh) you are the butt of a joke to their friends or a *good natured* jab at your family or your work happens….and that hurts a bit too much.

Soon, you’re noticing they are becoming very critical of you, they’re pulling their love away and generally making you wonder “Where did all the love go?” From there, it’s all about getting things “back on track” and right away, you’re trying to figure out what you did wrong….to make it all right again, but it goes from bad to worse and very quickly, you’re in a downward spiral. Depression, sleeplessness, your work and other relationships may suffer. Your family wonders what’s going on with you.

Sound familiar? The good news: this is a pattern and it is fixable….but maybe not how you hope. What is fixable about this situation is:

  • Your awareness of what’s happening (and why)
  • Your understanding of your own default *love nature* throws gasoline on this toxic fire
  • Your ability to get clear on what to do about it
  • How to extricate yourself from this spiral & take good care of yourself
  • How to then be able to recognize this pattern in other people AND steer clear
  • How NOT to fall into this pattern again
  • How to trust, allow new people in and fall in love once again….with a healthy partner