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The Fool Card

The Fool

Spontaneous; Leap of Faith; Beginnings; surprise! New and unfamiliar; without wisdom; unlimited potential

The Magician Card

The Magician

Manifesting power; mastery; has all the tools; powerful creator; self-confidence; ego; dynamic; mind.

High Priestess

Secrets; intuition; duality (light and dark; old and new); virginal. Developing psychic ability; mystic; empath; collective unconscious.

The High Priestess Card

The Empress

Mother, passion, devotion, unconditional love; wife and mother; abundant; love, caring, pregnancy; passion

The Empress Card
The Emporer Card

The Emperor

Father, director, establishment, power, government, "the powers that be", headstrong, narcissistic, magnetic, taking action, masculine, magnetic personality.

The Hierophant Card

The Hierophant

Traditions, doing what is *right*, Mentor, teacher, rituals, religion, heirarchy, knowledge, student

The Lovers

A choice, soulmates, lovers, destiny, desire, falling in love

The Lovers Card


Control, leader, victory, success, driver/car trips, perseverence

Chariot Card
Strength Card


Courage, strength, forebearance, using love instead of force

The Hermit Card

The Hermit

Wisdom, wise leader, sage, prophet, spiritual guide, quiet, introspective

Wheel of Fortune

fate, destiny, luck, expansion, karma, Universal law, change

Wheel of Fortune Card


Justice, courts, karma, man's law, balance, legal matters

Justice Card
The Hanged Man Card

Hanged Man

Patience, reversals, seeing things in a different way, reflection, time out, surrender, victim mentality

Death Card


Transformation, transition, rebirth, change


Blending of opposites, inner strength, harmony, balance, karma

Temperance Card


Addicitions, holding on, karmic partners, materialism, bondage, lust, greed, worldly desire

The Devil Card
Tower Card


Destruction, shattered, demolition, sudden and destructive change

Star Card


Healing, hope, faith, clarity, illumination


Illusion, secrets, psychic, mediums, mystery, poets, dreams, duality

Moon Card


Happy, positivity, contentment, joy, clarity, fulfillment.

Sun Card
Judgement Card


Self-awareness, crossroads, forgiveness, truth, resurrection, past-life soulmate, major changes

World Card


Completion, karmic connections, endings, success, inner harmony, achievement

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