Cancer/Pisces/ Scorpio

Astological Correspondant


Dates Associated

September 23 to December 20




This Ace heralds the beginning of a new love affair. A happy situation is about to start or is already in the beginning stages. Aces are about potential, so it's important to identify this new love  -- you're being asked by the Tarot to keep an eye out for the presence of all types of love in your life -- and appreciate it. In the reverse, this new love may be delayed, or you may be resisting its arrival. Look around for other cards of resistance to see what needs to be worked on. In terms of healing, the Ace of Cups is about opening to love and joy -- releasing any blocks to an open heart.

KEYWORDS: New love, new beginnings

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with Death = Opposite Energies at play