Usually, people are upset when they see the Death card. It rarely means actual Death… instead, it’s the card of major transitions. Moving from one situation in life to another — and it’s usually a dramatic change. Transformation can come in many forms and many times, this card accompanies drastic and sudden situational change — a job loss or a sudden bit of life-changing news. The context – the cards around the Death card – will tell you in what direction things are headed. For example: if things seem peaceful in the first few cards of the spread and then, the Death card appears…what are the cards that follow? Are they also peaceful… a very good sign that the transition is smooth… or, is it mayhem? Pay attention to context with this card… that’s how you can best read it’s meaning.

REVERSED: Death in reverse is interesting — it usually means you’ve either dodged a bullet or you’re resisting a major change.

INNER CHILD HEALING: You’re in the middle of a big shift if your life. No matter what is showing up, know that your changes will be serving your mission. Quite possibly, you’ve just strayed off your path and this is the Universe’s way of nudging you back on.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: This change is harder than it’s meant to be due to your resistance… to… change. It’s time to look for the lesson.