The Fool

The Fool is the Number 0 — carrying both God’s protection and the “clean slate” of a new soul, just bursting forth on the scene. The Fool appears in your reading when you are starting something new — or something new is starting in your life. Think: new romance, new job, new life. But — there’s a catch (as there always is) the Fool is unencumbered by wisdom or prior experiences, no matter how relevant. This is the card of shoot first and ask questions later. Traditionally, this card is seen as foolishness or ill-informed efforts. Pay attention to the cards around the fool to see if you’re adventurous or whimsical… or just being foolish. The Fool experiences life to the fullest and jumps in, wholeheartedly, with little awareness of next steps, strategies, or plans. This card can also be seen as a “wild card” in your reading, meaning you’re taking action or life is in action, and there’s not even a thought as to what comes next. Throw caution to the wind! You’re headed for adventure.

REVERSED: The Fool reversed is a card of reckless abandon and looking without leaping — and coming up with more than you bargained for. The reversed Fool can take this leap and fall on their head… a bit of caution and restraint is called for when this card arrives in your reading. If it’s in your past, you already know the mistakes or growth experiences you’ve been through. Reversed Fool in the past can be a very powerful placement for this card: you are wiser for the adventure. Use your new-found knowledge wisely.

IN A READING: New beginnings, jumping right in, a leap of faith, reckless abandon.

REVERSED: foolish and foolhardy action. Unwise… acting on impulse.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Allow yourself to be excited and take action with reckless abandon.

BLOCKED HEALING: Too many reckless moves have left you feeling clueless about what to do next. Your Inner Child is crying out for a little less action and a lot more hand-holding. Be kind to yourself… stand still.