The World

The four fixed signs are indicated in this card of endings and new beginnings. They each embody a different element – earth, fire, water and air. This card represents an ending to a major phase of life and a pause before we start anew. It can represent Cosmic Consciousness, a leveling up to a new lesson… even if you’re a novice at this “new game” you bring with you the consciousness or higher frequency of completing the previous one. The feeling of an ending is “completion” and there’s no need to repeat this task. Congratulations! In terms of healing, the lesson has come to the surface and you have dealt with it effectively. You are learning!

REVERSED: Sometimes, we can want to stay in a particular world and not want to keep moving forward. This can mean it’s comfortable and therefore, you’re not progressing as required by the current circumstances. This is totally within your control. Simple… but not easy.