The Tower

Boom! This is a lightning bolt… a shot from the blue. The force of this event will clear the decks of everything not nailed down. Tower moments usually happen when we’ve held tight to a situation or a person or a job that needs to leave our life. It may seem sudden… but really, you’ve been holding on for dear life… and you know it. When the Tower roars through and takes down everything in its wake, you know damn well… it had to happen.

REVERSED: Resisting this change causes internal, psychological explosions, mental illness and depression. The energy is all internal and can do a lot of damage if not addressed.

INNER CHILD HEALING: What a relief! Whatever you were holding on to has been taken from you… unceremoniously. Quickly and without any warning… but damn, I have to say, I feel better.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Victim. I am a victim. I did nothing to warrant this. Woe is me.