Crossroads. Are you getting a second chance? The Judgement card indicates the astral realms are trying to get your attention before you make a big, life-changing decision. Sometimes, Judgement can indicate a karmic lesson. Unlike Justice, which is more man made balancing of a wrong, Judgement is a vastly more spiritual righting of the scales. Sometimes, this can even indicate second chances. I’ve even seen where this card can shine a light on your Calling, your purpose in life. Healing meaning can indicate that Spirit needs your attention or the situation at hand is a much bigger deal than you’re seeing it to be. You may have repressed memories or blocked information that would help you in this situation, likely because it’s so painful. Pluto rules this card — the planet of major change. The change is one that’s inside you and has been trying to come to the surface. Focused attention and meditation are being called for.

REVERSED: You are likely blocking your Spirit guides… or your own inner knowing. Your guides have a message for you and you’re not listening.