Wheel of Fortune

Destiny is playing a major role in your situation when you pull this card. The Wheel reminds us that life is all made up of cycles and things are constantly changing. There is no standing still — you must move forward. Luck is also yours (when it shows up in reversed, be prepared for a bit of a raw deal…) and you’ll be able to move through this cycle in record time. Master the process of seeing the lesson and responding… not resisting… and you’ll find things go much easier. Karma and karmic lessons are playing a role in your current situation… roll with the punches, grasshopper!

REVERSED: Destiny is held up somewhere… things aren’t moving forward smoothly or destiny is delayed somehow.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Just flow with how things are moving… trust.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Trying to control the universe is like trying to push the river… resistance is futile.