Cause and effect. You do the crime; you’ll do the time. The Justice card is somewhat satisfying in that regard: you always know what’s to come from your actions. You could be dealing with a legal issue or things seem to all work out — with patience and persistence. This is not about revenge… this card simply says, “what comes around, goes around.”

REVERSED: “Justice delayed is justice denied” a famous legal maxim meaning that if things aren’t handled in a timely matter, it’s pretty much like not getting things settled at all. Not pursuing balance or having balance withheld is likely to mean you’re not getting what’s coming to you in this situation… good or bad.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Be honest with yourself… you see the path. The way to balance yourself is right in front of you.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Revenge, dirty tricks, and deceit to get ahead is going to show up for you later on… and not in a good way. Resist the urge to get even.