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Hello Beautiful Soul! My name is Angi and I’m a former middle school English teacher and Cheer Coach, and a 24th year Yoga instructor.
I have a passion for helping people navigate their own Hero’s Journey to self-fulfillment & love, through compassion, paths to heart-healing, a dose of laughter and some inspiration.

Grab a sammich, throw it in your knapsack and let’s go!

Since childhood, I have always been able to “feel people’s feelings,” and insatiably read every Reader’s Digest issue of “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” (Highlights was for “kids!”) No shock that I love doing relationship readings, but I also apply the same care, understanding and insight to career readings and for parents looking for guidance with “teen issues.”

I typically share any channeled messages I receive while scrying and meditating prior to your read, as well as integrate what I’ve learned about personal astrology, basic psychology, Quantum Physics, metaphysical healing modalities, the Twin Flame journey and my many experiences of putting my proverbial “Humpty Dumpty” self back together again.

My goal with every reading is to help you gain clarity for forward momentum, validate you and your experience, and support you in following what your own intuition was likely already guiding you toward!

Much Love! ~ Angi O!

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8 Reviews

Christina C

Angi was amazing! I loved her energy! She created a birth chart for me and I love it! Her explanation of the chart made it so much easier for me to understand. I also learned a lot about myself. Her reading was spot on and really gave me the motivation I needed. I could tell she connected with my spirit team. Her book recommendations and insights were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend a reading with Angi and I will definitely have more readings with her in the future! Thank you Angi!

Jennifer Kennedy

My experience was really life changing. I have been dealing with a very stressful situation and felt comfortable opening up to her immediately. She was very thorough with my reading and gave me a lot of hope and inspiration that I will weather this storm. I appreciate her enthusiasm and intuition. I’ll definitely be booking again!


Incredible reading. She is very passionate about the reading. Very informative. Highly recommend. She should be your number 1 choice l. I am highly grateful to her.


Angi was spot on thru my whole story of what I’ve been feeling so for me it was big time confirmation.. What I really appreciated was that there was never any name, date of birth or sign asked of me and yet she read right thru me.. The energy was most definitely there and I will be recommending here to friends that ask if I know any readers. Greatly appreciated her time and super gift to read those cards and also tap into her divinity. Great job Angi!! 5 stars from me to you!


There was no least favorite part of this reading. It was amazing and comforting and right on target. I cannot say enough about Angi’s ability and intuition and her concern and compassion for her client. I have not had a reading (you know I’ve had a few lol) that was as impactful as this one for some time. I’m not sure I’d recommend Angi, BECAUSE I WANT TO KEEP HER TO MYSELF! She’s wonderful.


The entire experience was so relaxing. She channeled before the reading and it was crazy accurate to me and the entire reading. It felt like a conversation between friends even though we just met. This was my first tarot reading and I will definitely do more!


Her extensive context and explanation of meaning and interpretations given the cards placement and position in the read. Really amazing experience!


From start to finish, Angi was connected, showed tremendous knowledge of the cards, crystals, and energy. She’s simply AMAZING, and I will definitely schedule with her often in the future!!!! The BEST i have ever connected with!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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