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Ceree is an inspirational tarot reader who loves to connect to you by helping you on your path—whether that be with life’s everyday challenges to the journey and purpose of your soul. She is also certified reiki master and Akashic Records master and has such a passion to be of service to others. And she’s insightful and fun!
She spends her spare time by the ocean with her yellow Labrador, Milo.
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Ceree’s inspiration for tarot is to help others connect with their gifts they have within, and to assist them along their path of life. She does readings from relationships, career, to life purpose, and can be tailored individually to your specific needs. Her readings are inspirational, insightful, and she loves to have fun and make them enjoyable for you.

Her passion in life has been to be of service to others, and she does that through her tarot practice, through reiki, and Akashic records readings. She loves swimming, photography, volunteering as a driver for Meals on Wheels in her local community, and she spends every spare minute by the ocean wishing she were a mermaid. She has been a single mom to a fine young man, now grown, and she has lived and worked all over the world and speaks multiple languages.

Her stories are quite unique and inspirational—she has learned to put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!

  • Curious/Lots of Questions
  • Career Guidance
  • General Readings
  • Life Purpose
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Path
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2 Reviews


The tarot reading was so awesome, looking forward to doing the akashic reading, I’m just excited, know in my heart what she told me was true… love her! Ceree has changed my life with my reading from the Akashic records too. It explained a significant past life I had and why I’m experiencing things in this lifetime. It’s made all the difference in how I have moved forward, released trauma and I am now embracing life in a joyful and meaningful way.


Ceree is beyond amazing as an intuitive reader! Her knack for tuning in and translating messages from both you and the higher power is truly exceptional. My sessions with Ceree involving Akashic records, Tarot, and Reiki have been nothing short of life-changing. I can’t express enough gratitude for having her in my life. I have relied on her wise counsel and her ability to receive guidance from the divine in making numerous important choices in life, and they have consistently proved fruitful. Her skills are a true blessing to the world and have significantly transformed my own world! -Moriah

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