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Intuitive Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer using Western whole sign houses and some Hellenistic techniques to bring clearer focus into messages. Through finding people at their “crossroads,” Tarot helps to recognize current energies and help reset the course back on to the learning/healing path. This is what my strength has become–finding the focus of now and looking at next steps forward. Astrologically pointing me down the path of Hekate (Goddess of Crossroads, conjunct ascendant) and Chariklo (Healer asteroid, conjunct midheaven 9th house). Long journeys do have messages along the way for everyone.

I have had a lifelong fascination with Astrology. I retired after 40 years in the medical field and decided to devote more time and energy into exploring this ancient science. It was a key to understanding myself better and how I could also use that key to help other people. My decision to become a professional astrologer was very easy—taking on the immense amount of information that Astrology can provide was the true herculean task. There really is not a time when the study of Astrology stops, no resting on the laurels of the information you have gained. For me, this was part of the allure. What energies will the chart show me that I can use best to their highest expression? What are the possibilities to handle the difficulties that exist? What aspects are occurring that I can use to my advantage?

Then came Tarot and MJ. I had been following MJ for several years and really connected with her energy. I had been taking courses and following her as a Pathfinder i was drawn to learning tarot and found that as I was taking the initial course and started reading friends that I was able to connect in a way I had not expected. The hardest part for me was learning to trust the intuition that came with reading tarot. I took the certification course and found that MJ really emphasized being connected to higher self and intuition and helped bring that out in each of us. It has been an amazing journey.

Specialty Service: Astrology Focused Tarot Reading
     *Accurate Birth Time Highly Important when Working with Astrology Charts*

Duration: 90 Minute Zoom Reading

  Included in the Reading:

  • Western, Whole Sign Astrology with Hellenistic Techniques
  • Easy to understand explanations of your chart
  • Will pull cards at the end to provide additional guidance from the Tarot as well

 Booking Instructions:

  1. Choose the “A Zoom Reading – 90 Minutes” option.
  2. Specify “Astrology Focused Tarot Reading” when prompted for the type of reading you want at checkout.
  3. Experience a personalized journey into your astrology and tarot with a comprehensive  Astrology Focused Reading.
  • Compassionate/Empath
  • Ancestor Messages
  • Astrology
  • Career Guidance
  • General Readings
  • Spirit Guide Messages
  • Spiritual Path
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4 Reviews


My favorite part was she asked for my birth chart info and we talked about that and the tarot confirmed it. Dawn took her time and she really was amazing.


Dawn has a real interest in providing great tarot readings and spiritual growth support.


Dawn was kind and calm spoken, brought the sense of safe space with her lovely nature.


Dawn was amazing. She prepared ahead of time putting together my birth chart and had specific areas of focus that she was prepared to explain. She is concise, respectful, knowledgeable, approachable and thorough. I would have marked all of the types of style reading for her. I have nothing negative so say about her. She is by far doing what she meant to do. I’m so grateful for the opportunity

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