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My name is Dez. I’m an Intuitive Tarot Reader & Psychic Medium. I use numerology, Western Astrology, and sometimes messages from the other side to dive deeper into the energies.
I’ve been communicating with Spirit since childhood; and have been reading Tarot for over 30 years. I’m the true definition of a Sag – a real straight shooter. So if you’re looking for fluff and froo-froo, I’m not the reader for you. I’m also a stickler for being on time….so if you’re late, you’re out of luck! I may give the impression that ice doesn’t melt in my mouth; but I really am passionate about helping others. My mission is deeply rooted in the desire to assist others on their journey of healing and self-discovery!

As a result of my desire to help people, I have spent a lifetime in healthcare – mental health, addiction services, and healthcare administration to be exact. It gave me a sense of purpose. Everything in life was great…until it wasn’t. Mother’s Day 2012 changed my life forever with the tragic passing of my adopted son. This was the pivotal moment that I was thrust into a Dark Night of the Soul that lasted for a few years. Like the lotus flower, I grew in the darkness and emerged totally transformed. I became obsessed with my Spiritual Development.

In early 2017, I studied under Drew Cali for Reiki and Psychic Development. I had always been aware of my gifts; but it wasn’t until Drew’s instruction that I was finally able to have better focus and really harness them. After Drew left my area, I continued my studies under Dr. Rev. Lynne Lasher and reached Reiki Master/Teacher level in 2018.  In 2019, I found MJ…and, well, we all know where that lead. But my journey is far from over. I am currently studying under Suzanne Giesemann to fine tune my Mediumship skills. Who knows what the future holds. The sky is the limit!

Beyond this, since I wholeheartedly believe in giving back to my community, I have volunteered my Reiki skills with local Hospice patients. I’ve also engaged in collaborative efforts with a local investigator and bounty hunter, as well as various clients, in the pursuit of resolving missing persons cases.

My readings:  In addition to Tarot cards, my readings may include Oracle cards, Teulia cards (old style Gypsy cards), a pendulum or cartomancy for yes or no questions, and/or messages from the other side….hey, you never when a loved one will pop in! 

  • Direct/No Nonsense
  • Career Guidance
  • General Readings
  • Life Purpose
  • Love
  • Manifestation Tarot
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Path
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10 Reviews

Terri Colarusso

Very insightful! Took her time with me and clarified so much of what I needed.
Was able to tell me what I needed to hear not essentially what I wanted to hear with kindness and compassion. I would recommend her anytime. Thank you.

leslie Weibel

I had a reading with Dez and everything she said resonated with me and what is happening in my situation. I cannot wait to see what the outcome will be. I was really impressed with her ability to connect with me and speak on things that are happening. I knew her messages were for me!!!


I’m so grateful I chose to work with Dez for my tarot reading. From the moment we started, I could tell she was gifted and deeply knowledgeable. What really sets her apart is her ability to intuitively tune in and uncover the core issues I needed to address. She took the time to understand the purpose of my reading which allowed us to have a profoundly insightful session. Dez has a remarkable talent for providing clarity and guidance that is both empowering and transformative! I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a truly exceptional intuitive reading experience.


I had such an amazing reading with Dez! She tuned into my situation so fast and left no doubt that she is the real deal. She confirmed things I suspected and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. I left the reading knowing that there will be a few bumps ahead and at the same time I am full of hope for a bright future. Thank you again Dez ❤️


I just wanted to let you know how much I loved Desirée’s reading and that it was quite ‘’spot-on’’. She saw things I was actually going through. Been working with shadows and got it right. I haven’t gave any insight, any response, she totally was connected. Narcissistic relationship, past, bright future ahead. I recommand, she is good !

I’ve been in a bad relationship, narcissistic one, so Im a little ‘’on guard’’ with relationship – wont settle for less than what I am manifesting. I asked for help and now I’m well. Thank you for sharing what you ‘’sensed and felt’’, I knew I did a lot of work and that I was guided and protected, but knowing it from someone ‘’connected’’ just made me feel better.

Thank you, have a wonderful year and keep on rocking !
I’ll recommend !


“I felt an instant connection with Desiree and knew she was delivering a message from source directly to me.”


“She did ask me questions; but also provided guidance from the cards and intuitive guidance. She told me something I had never heard, and it was big to me. I really thought about it. The information was spot on for my situation and I feel like I will move forward with some new tools. Very inspirational and uplifting. I’m super happy with the information. This will help me move forward.”


“She was great. I felt like she understood me and gave me an honest reading.”


“My favorite part was how she said something I had been struggling with in the very beginning so I knew it was a message for me.”


“I had a reading with Desiree that left me feeling optimistic and certain of my trust in myself. Once the reading had started, I instantly felt at ease, comfortable, seen and heard – I felt as though I was talking with a friend. She asked engaging questions, and had valuable insights to offer. I was really impressed by her ability to pick up on things about me that I hadn’t told her. Amazingly, one of the first things she told me ended up coming true fairly quickly in the weeks that passed after the reading…she’s accurate! I left the reading feeling empowered and confident that I had received exactly what I needed. She told me things I didn’t know I needed to know. I highly recommend seeing Desiree for a reading, she is truly a gifted reader and healer!”

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