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Hello, I’m Dr. Kim. I would love to combine my skills as a tarot reader, emotional energy healer, and Eastern Medicine practitioner to help you on your soul’s journey with honesty, compassion, and inspiration. I offer additional healing services to assist in your personal development.

I’m an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, emotion code practitioner, and of course, a certified tarot reader. I am known to be an inspirational and compassionate tarot reader but will never obscure the truth.

My goal is to assist in my client’s personal and spiritual growth and to navigate life’s difficult situations through self-help & lifestyle suggestions, emotional blockage release, and the wisdom of the tarot. I help sacred souls in matters of love relationships including understanding the complexities of twin flame connections as well as delivering messages from one’s higher self, spirit guides, and ancestors.

I am excited to connect and be with you on your journey!

  • Inspirational
  • Ancestor Messages
  • Emotional Healing
  • General Readings
  • Relationships
  • Spirit Guide Messages
  • Twin Flame Mission
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5 Reviews


My favorite part about this reading was the fact she is a very good listener and very empathetic to my situation.


She was a pleasure to speak with and offered a lot of inspiration which made me feel much better today. She gave me examples of how to use healing methods to heal my heart. Loved that. I will be practicing them. Thank you.


Kim did a great job explaining as she went, very personable, comfortable vibe. Very lovely energy.


She went beyond my basic question and gave me clarification of both scenarios in a relationship question. It as just what I needed without me knowing to ask the next step question about what their different roles were. She was very in tune. The reading was great. Thank you Kimberly.


I did not have to say a lot, and she seemed to know exactly what was going on in my life, very intuitive. I was very impressed and satisfied.

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