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Who, what, when, where, why and how are the beginnings of your questions we can delve into together. I’m Elizabeth, creator of “What Are They Thinking,” an oracle deck designed around just these types of questions. My mission is to help you understand the past, current situations, and forward movement when the questions won’t stop, or you simply need spiritual guidance. All questions are welcome.

As a psychic and an intuitive reader of tarot, astrology, numerology and scrying, I innately understand the languages of these tools and the energetic connections we all share here and beyond. I’m uniquely gifted to shine a light on answers you seek, paths to take, souls to connect with, and decisions to make. 

As a divorced mother, a cancer survivor, and a former journalist, I’m a compassionate healer, who is also direct and experienced. I will guide you to the heart of the matter. I also am a contributing author to Unbreakable Spirit, an international best-seller. Remember, you too are an unbreakable spirit. Thank you for entrusting and connecting with me on this journey we call life. 

  • Compassionate/Empath
  • Career Guidance
  • General Readings
  • Life Purpose
  • Love
  • Past-Life
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Path
  • Twin Flame Mission
  • What Are They Thinking
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11 Reviews

Theresa Kachmar

Elizabeth is amazing, she was spot on and gave me the answer I needed . I would definitely recommend her services for an accurate reading . She was very informative.

Tina G

Elizabeth was just so calming, kind and inspirational during my reading with her. Her message, guidence are spot on, and I feel like I have great direction and clarity of what I need to do. Everything was explained with compassion and embraced with spiritual abundence. I am grateful I met her and look forward to booking future readings for guidence.

Aleicia Latimer

Wonderful reading. Clear, concise, got deep very quickly. Revealed quite a bit about me and my situation. Provided explanations and empowering advice. I would certainly allow her to read for me again.


Elizabeth was so sweet. I felt like she was truly invested in my reading. She was very insightful and super helpful. Her energy was amazing and her reading and numerology really helped me with a current situation in my life. Thank you.


Elizabeth is so kind and compassionate. I received a wonderful, overall, connection reading. Re-enforcement and clarity provided. I’m so glad I had this reading.


Elizabeth was incredibly generous with her time and energy in reading for me. I was so incredibly impressed by her wisdom, insight and clarity she was able to give me. I also loved all the modalities she used – some tarot, numerology, intuitive guidance and oracle cards. She has an amazing gift and such a beautiful energy, warmth and aura. I loved how easy it was to connect with her and I felt like she was an old dear friend. She is such a beautiful soul and she emanates such a willingness and openness to share her light, wisdom and guidance with who you she is reading for. I am so happy I connected with her and 100% will be back  to have a read with her again as she truly has an exceptional gift .

Soulful Revolution have a truly exceptional and wonderful reader, in Elizabeth Diaz ,  as part of their team!! You are lucky to have her and we as a Community are so blessed to be able to access her high level of intuition, wisdom, guidance and expertise 🫶🌟. She is very special. 


“Elizabeth is very grounded and gave me clarity. I felt safe, understood, empowered and received many confirmations.”


“Very intuitive, has great knowledge of all the card decks and the flow of the reading was one of the best I’ve experienced.”


“Elizabeth has a calm and easy presence. I liked that she picked up on and explained the patterns in the cards, used several decks to get the full picture, and listened to what I said. It truly showed in the reading and I highly recommend her.”


“It was exactly what I needed. She listened and connected with areas I sought clarity and direction. It was truly a wonderful experience and I recommend Elizabeth to everyone I know.”


“Love the visions she received beforehand. Lighthouse beacon of light. Spot on!”

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