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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?!!? Imagine a sacred space for introspection, healing, and empowerment where we will commune with Spirit and open a portal to understanding the intricate tapestry of your very own soul. With compassion and a keen intuitive insight, I will assist you in making informed choices and embracing the spiritual guidance that surrounds you, exists within you, and which flows to you and through you every second of every day!

Hello sweet souls, my name is Marsha (yes, that’s right, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!). I was born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, USA, and I am an intuitive empath. I believe tarot is more magical than mystical, and my readings bring forth a unique combination of sense and soul, intellect and intuition. I first became aware of my clairsentient gifts beginning in the third grade. Since that time, I have been gradually attuning to the vibrations of many metaphysical modalities, and ultimately found that tarot provided a medium for me to express my innate abilities, while also allowing me to be of service to a much larger community.

I am a Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Rising and Virgo Moon and I approach each reading with a sacred reverence and a commitment to providing clear, empowering, and transformative guidance.

Before embracing my spiritual gifts, I spent 30+ years climbing a corporate ladder in the legal field and believe me when I say that I had been quietly quitting long before it was ever a trendy buzzword. And I will never forget that day in 2019 when I was scrolling YouTube for an instructional video for a software program I was vetting and I decided to search up my horoscope; the third video recommended was a reading from MJ and, well, the rest truly is history!

Dreams really do come true, my friends, and in 2022 I walked away from my previous career and started Salty Mama Soul Tribe. I am looking forward to meeting you and so excited to lock arms with you on this journey!

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5 Reviews


She took her time really listening to me and my concerns and I felt like we really connected. She was down to Earth like me, and I felt I could be honest and open with her, and I think that gave me a better reading.


Marsha was amazing, thoughtful and well prepared. She put a lot into the reading before she met with me. She said things to me that were very relevant, and no one would know. I loved connecting to her and would use her again.


It was a fantastic reading. Marsha is confident and she knows what she’s doing. I would definitely get another reading from her. I learned quite a bit during my reading from Marsha. She is very smart, and I will definitely recommend my friends to get a reading from her. I am grateful for my reading. Great energy!


Marsha was so wonderful! She tuned into my energy and gave me the clarity that I needed to hear. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I thought she did a fabulous job. She hit the nail on the head with several points. One of the best readings I’ve had in a long time. Would highly recommend.

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