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Are you a Lightworker feeling called to fully embrace your purpose and mission? Have you been doing the inner work but feel like you’ve hit a wall, and not sure what blocks might still be in place? Are you ready to break through the 3D limits of fear and raise your vibration to the 5D (Christ Consciousness) vibration of love… permanently? If you answered yes, and want to know the next steps on your path… book your session today and let’s talk!

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Halliburton, also known as The Awakened Jenn. As a Healing & Manifestation Coach, I am here to guide you on your journey to spiritual ascension and self-empowerment.

I connect with your energy by using the gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, and I also serve as a channel for Higher Level Consciousness bringing in messages from Angels, Archangels, & Ascended Masters. I use the modalities of Tarot, Oracles, Astrology, Akashic Records, Numerology, and so much more to fully understand and connect with your energy. My mission is to help you ascend into the 5D (Christ Consciousness) by empowering you to remember who you are on a Soul Level and encouraging you to fully step into your own Divinity.

A significant part of my work is closely intertwined with the Twin Flame Mission as well. I am passionate about working with Divine Feminines, helping them understand their unique role and purpose within this journey.

Join me on this path of healing, manifestation and ascension, and let’s uncover the divine potential within you.

The Awakened Jenn

  • Direct/No Nonsense
  • Ascension
  • Healing & Manifestation Coach
  • Manifestation Tarot
  • Spiritual Path
  • Twin Flame Mission
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9 Reviews


I was blown away, I was feeling as though I was at the edge of a cliff and I almost told her that, the next card she pulled was a woman standing at the edge of a cliff. I would think of something and she would say something that related to what crossed my mind, she even knew about the dream I wanted in helping animals and kids. She kept saying you have dream about starting something but you think its to big of dream or a fantasy. That is exactly how I felt, that it will always just be a wish.

Nicole Petrica

I had been drawn to a reading with Jennifer and I wasn’t disappointed. Not only
Recording was more lengthy than expected, the clarity and the presentation was great, as Jennifer liked to explain and explore what she was seeing in the cards to add precious information. I found Jennifer very friendly and willing to help. Thank you


My reading was thorough and she effectively answered my questions. She was really genuine and intuitive. Loved all of it!


Jennifer’s reading for me was very thorough and insightful. She uses several different tools to gain clarity and accuracy. Loved it!


I loved the reading, is was as if Jennifer Halliburton knew my life in a deeper way. She is very light hearted, I felt better just by talking with her, and what can in the cards was spot on. I was blown away to be honest. She has a gift for sure! I wish her the best of the best of luck.


I felt as if she was 100% in tune with my spiritual journey. Her intuitive skills are VERY powerful and honed in. Her reading of the cards was accurate (i also dabble in tarot) and thoughtful. Overall, Jenn provides a comprehensive and scarily accurate reading. I received the clarity and insight i was looking for and i feel very privileged to have the opportunity to help her achieve her certification.


She was able to speak to the expectations of the reading – very organized, open and thorough! My favorite part of the reading was that Jenn listened and was able to translate my intentions with my thought and feelings, which I felt came across as jumbled. She truly gave me such an in-depth reading – so much more than was initially expected coming into the reading. As well as, immediately afterword’s, I had an affirmation moment.


Jenn was wonderful! She provided clarity and compassion in her reading. She was patient and listened to my questions. Direct, honest, and compassionate reader. I’m now following her on YouTube! I would definitely recommend/collaborate/purchase a reading from her!

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