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Hey there, I’m Wendi, and I’ve been immersed in the art of tarot for over three decades. My approach combines both traditional and intuitive interpretations, drawing from a wealth of experience. As a Virgo sun with a Scorpio moon, I am well versed in the practical down to earth pragmatics of the day, yet no stranger to swimming in the depths and mysteries of the 8th house. With my ascendant in Sagittarius, I love to take adventure by the hand and see what exists beyond. 💫

Here’s what you can expect from my readings:

  • Insightful Collaboration: I’m ready to tell you the real deal, whatever it may be, and work with you to explore your options moving forward.
  • Tarot as a Tool: I believe that tarot serves as a tool to help us receive messages from the energies of the universe. We can then use this information to change our perspective, feel empowered, seek new answers, figure out what we need to work on, and strengthen our trust in our own intuition. 🔮
  • Unexpected Inspiration: Inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places; it can completely alter your perspective and bring with it hope and excitement, possibly changing your life in an instant or shifting your path to something even better! ✨

    Please Note: My readings take place LIVE on Zoom and are not recorded. Please feel free to capture the session through your own notes or recording devices. 📝🎥
  • Direct/No Nonsense
  • Career Guidance
  • General Readings
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Path
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5 Reviews


Wendi’s reading was extremely accurate and I was certainly able to follow the cards and understand how they related to my life experiences both past and present. She was happy to clarify when I asked and also did her own clarification on messages she was interested in getting more information on. Really enjoyed her energy and the information she provided! Grateful for the experience and the fact that it happened today as the NN moves into Aries was an added bonus that played into the information that was in the reading. Overall a wonderful experience!


Wendi’s reading was very on point. Especially considering that I did not have a question in mind. I really liked that Wendi just jumped right in with the reading even though I did not have a question prepared. Wendi then asked if the reading resonated (which it most definitely did!) and gave me an opportunity to share and then dive further into the reading. I really appreciated that Wendi and I were also able to connect on a personal and empathic level over a similar shared experience. Thank you so much Wendi!


Wendi has a very clear and easy way of communicating. I felt like I was having a wonderful conversation with a long time friend.


I loved that everything she read completely resonated with exactly where I’m at in life. Nothing was a surprise to me and it was great to just get that reinforcement that I’m on the right path. Her clarifying card pulls were also helpful in giving me some insight as to what I have to look forward to.


Wendi was expressive, friendly, and compassionate. Great personality for a Tarot Reader. Her spread and clarification confirmed a lack of action I was taking on my journey, and how taking “that” action, will move me forward.

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