Building a Spiritual Business

Do you have a gift you know you're here to share? Maybe it's a hobby or a side-hustle NOW...but you know in your soul, THIS is part of your mission, a piece (maybe a big one) of what you've incarnated to bring to the world. The only reason it's NOT what you spend your days doing is you don't know quite how to get it all working and the feeling that "it's time" just keeps gnawing at you. could be someone who spends your days doing your spiritual mission, building your business, but for some reason, the money and the clients just aren't flowing like you'd hoped. You find yourself in a lower vibration, pushing away abundance and joy, taking side-jobs, going back to corporate and just wondering, "how can I get this moving in the right direction?"



Proposal: let's get this working for you. Let's get you on the path to joy and abundance so you can share this gift with the rest of the world for the rest of your life. Easily attract clients, charge what you're worth, effortlessly build something that not only pays the bills but lifts you off the hamster wheel of barely scraping by and into the light of true abundance. 


My November Course for Abundance and Mission is called: Building Your Spiritual Business. In this 4-week LIVE course, I will share with you my own knowledge of building a spiritual business, plus my business background, my thoughts on marketing, media, free publicity and social media strategy to get clients effortlessly coming to your website and saying "yes!"


The dates are: Monday's at 7pm eastern from November 11-December 2. I will provide you with a workbook and I'll teach each topic for 45 minutes - and then, open the floor to questions from the class. You'll get all the recorded sessions and be able to get your questions answered LIVE.

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