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June Newsletter

One of the most common (and most enduring) questions I receive about relationships is this: can astrology show me WHO my soulmate is? The answer to this is yes, of course….but the more important question that hardly ever gets asked is: How can I be happy & fulfilled in my soulmate relationships?

Oh, of course, it IS asked…but in so many different ways as to make it unrecognizable. Usually, it focuses on the other person’s behavior, which removes your power to make real change.

So – let us not only use Astrology to FIND our Soulmate – but then, why not use it to help our relationships HEAL and FLOURISH.

How do we do this?

You might be interested to know: by studying the North and South Nodes.

Yes, our North and South Nodes are our mission & purpose – and our past lives. They can point to our Mission & Purpose on this planet…..but what if they could also show us the mission and purpose of our most intimate relationships? As it happens, the North and South Nodes show us EXACTLY how we are blocking intimacy, creating drama & pushing our Soulmates out the door.

For example, did you know:

  • Taurus North Node people completely abandon their own needs in a relationship and the way to help this person healis to….give them their me time?
  • Capricorn North Node people have a very caring and empathic spirit…that’s easily bruised if you’re not aware?
  • Gemini North Node people think they are responsible for having solutions but may have constructed strong (read: impenetrable) boundaries around hearing or learning things from their partner that may be the actual solution?
  • Leo North Node people rarely take things personally and are masters at supporting their partner’s dreams…but….their partners say they withhold emotional passion like it’s a vendetta?
  • Pisces North Node people are willing to make changes to help the relationship…but when it’s packaged as a criticism, they may be over-focused on what’s NOT right in a relationship.

Beyond the “regular” Sun sign compatibility charts, to see “nodal” compatibility, it’s a better sign to look at how advanced people are on their karmic path. Generally, if both of you are working on yourselves on the Spiritual Path, your activated North Node will find those with the opposite nodal sign quite compatible.

Meaning, if you’re a North Node in Gemini, you’ll find a Sagittarius — an awakened Sag — quite compatible. Look toward the opposite sign on your axis: Aries/Leo, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo/Aquarius, Virgo/Pisces.

Your astrological sign

However, if your person is not exhibiting signs of working with their karmic path through Spiritual methods & practices, you could find yourselves very (very) incompatible.

I also recommend looking at your person’s Moon sign to see compatibility. This sign shows their true heart’s desire. Does it match up with yours? That’s an excellent test. A fiery moon wants passion, a watery moon wants understanding & to feel a deep connection, an airy moon wants intellectual stimulation & an earthy moon wants safety & comfort. There is a lot more to compatibility but these are good places to start.

People are complex…Two people are…..a Matrix.

The key to all of the vexing issues is understanding where your partner is coming from (their South Node)and what HEALING that will look like (their North Node).

North Node Relationships - Heal Your Soulmate Contracts

In my newest Soulmate Astrology Course: Heal Your Soulmate Contracts, I’m going to show you how to work with the person you love so the intimacy will FLOW and GROW, how to help them heal & how to create a lasting soul bond. (By the way, you ALSO have soulmate contracts – shown in these placements – with your parents, best friend, siblings and other enduring, healing and teaching relationships).

On June 1, we’ll dive deep into the world of the two as a synastry astrology chart roadmap to intimacy and happiness in relationships.

Want to come along? Click here to sign up. Your future happy self will thank you!

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Karmic Pathway Bundle

Stay amazing!


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