Planetary Ruler

20 degrees Taurus - 20 degrees Gemini


(Air, Fire, Earth, Water)

Fire of Air

Dates Associated

May 11 to June 12

Yes / No / Maybe


The King of Swords is sure of one thing: himself. He's always least in his mind. He has an uncanny knack for seeing the future and being able to communicate in a very clear way. This is not a warm and fuzzy person....but a great man to have around as you buy a used car or take a new product/company to market. A bit cold and detached means he's also terrifically effective in a crisis. In reverse, this is a brittle old man who can't stand criticism or to be corrected. Watch out for his sarcasm...deadly on-point. In terms of healing, this King can be the most objective and that can come in handy if you're confused and have no idea what to do next. 

KEYWORDS: Visionary, leadership that borders on rebelliousness and decisive

PLANET/SIGN: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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